"After getting my root canals and titanium implant out my joint pain when away. I stopped getting tachycardia and SVT symptoms. I can take a sauna now without feeling incredibly toxic and dizzy due to the bacteria in my mouth. Before, I would go in stores and have severe neurological symptoms (shaking, flushing, numbness in my head, blacking out) and that has gone away, too! So grateful for Dr. Larsen’s help in restoring my health.”- Alie H.

“Dr. Larsen’s root canal tooth extraction technique (#14) was 1,000x better than the technique used by my previous Oral Surgeon to extract a tooth (#15)”- David M. Patient also said he had almost no soreness and pain compared to the tooth that was removed a few months earlier by his previous Oral Surgeon (directly behind where we did our extraction). This is most likely due to us employing minimally invasive extraction techniques, special cleaning, disinfection, and using a special grafting material to ensure complete healing.

"I have been to many dentist in my lifetime, but Dr. Larsen is by far the very best one ever.  I love him"-Patti G.  (67 years of experience. She drove from an extremely long distance to see us!)

"A wonderful experience!  Received my implant teeth, they feel normal and look great!  Dr. Larsen is the best.  He treated me with kindness and advised me with the treatment that was appropriate for me"-Rosie C. 

"This is the cleanest and nicest dental office I have ever been to.  Very personable and friendly staff.  Dr. Larsen and his staff make a stressful situation a very calming and serene experience.  Thank you very much!)"- Estella G.

"Having been a Dental Assistant for more than 13 years and working with a lot of different dentists, the experience with Dr. Larsen has been awesome.  I had a dental implant put in and it was a great experience.  I recommend everybody come and try Dr. Larsen.  I recommend all my family to him."-  Yaneth R.  (This dental assistant is currently employed as a registered dental assistant and has never been employed by Dr. Larsen.)

"Dr. Larsen's practice was an answered prayer!  After five years of basically watching my life be stolen away from me in the form of mysterious staph infections, he confirmed a hidden jaw infection and failed root canal.  Removing the existing dental work and clearing away the infection gave me more energy and restored my health.  I have no pain and am loving the non-toxic implant!  I have my life back!"- Leeanna H.

"Ever since I had my 3 dead root canaled upper left back teeth pulled out and had them replaced with healthy dental implants that very same day, I have not had any more sinus problems!  I suffered for 30 years with sinus problems/drainage/infections that required medications all the time and I had problems breathing through my nose because it was plugged.  Removing my root canaled teeth was as if a plug got pulled out of my sinus!  I also was hospitalized a year ago for atrial fibrillation and have had irregular heart beats for years.  I was so bad they put a heart monitor on me.  The amazing thing is that ever since the dead root canaled teeth were removed and replaced with healthy dental implants the atrial fibrillations and the irregular heart beats have completely disappeared according to my heart doctor after he reviewed the heart monitor's data."- Verneice W. (She had 3 failed root canaled teeth with the infection going all the way to the sinus area)

"I hate injections, but I didn't feel anything with Dr. Larsen's injection technique!  Wow" - Jestin Y.

"Thank you for all the excellent work you've done for me!  I feel so much more energized and healthy.  God bless you!"- Margaret E.

"I am glad I found Dr. Larsen to removed my root canals.  Right away after they were removed, I noticed my digestion improved.  Within in 10 days after removal, I noticed my smile muscles relaxed and is even now.  Before, one side tipped down and one up while I smiled.  Best of all the infection in my jaw was removed and it seems to me that I am doing teeth grinding less often"- Carolyn K.  (Removing her infection and failed root canaled teeth perhaps made her body work better.......) 

In addition to the few testimonials above, We have A LOT more hand written testimonials AVAILABLE for your review at our office.


Dr. Gary Larsen

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